As a Balanced Body Pilates professional, Erika takes a fun, fresh and holistic approach to fitness by integrating multiple disciplines and innovative styles. From an early age Erika developed an appreciation for movement and physical activity through classic dance training, which later progressed into aerobics, yoga, and weight training.
After sustaining back injuries from an automobile accident in 2003 she sought a form of exercise to regain foundational strength. The fluidity, precision, and clean graceful lines of Pilates immediately resonated within her, igniting a passion to teach others about the many benefits of deep core strength and enhanced body awareness. Erika’s expertise currently includes Pilates mat, reformer, all apparatus, pre/postnatal with an emphasis on scoliosis, sports, and foot rehab.
Her ongoing commitment to expand her body of knowledge motivates her to seek and incorporate the most effective techniques for wellness. Erika believes that, together, we can enhance our life experience by supporting and strengthening our mind-body connection, pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone in order to discover new levels of untapped vitality within.