What typically happens when people feel severe joint pain such as lower back or knee pain, they go to their doctor. If it’s really bad, they will get a muscle relaxer and maybe a referral for physical therapy. Physical therapy addresses the local injury, but doesn’t take into account your movement patterns as a whole and how muscles and joints are or aren’t working together properly. Physical therapy often doesn’t address the underlying issues causing the problem.

At Brooklyn Academy Roots we specialize in rehabilitating joint issues through strength and flexibility. Strengthen whats weak and release and lengthen muscles that are tight. This is balance.

We teach you how to foam roll to relieve tension and for better alignment. We teach you how to effectively strengthen stabilizing muscles around the injured joint as well as the muscles that connect to it for movement. For example, if the knee is injured, the hips need to be flexible and strong to take impact off of the knee. The goal is an optimally functioning kinetic chain for proper movement patterns.

The fear of more pain is often the reason why people don’t seek movement or exercise as the source for healing. Yet corrective movement is exactly what the body needs if there is no nerve pain. If it got hurt with movement, it only makes sense that movement will heal it. We know this because our program works. Find out how a program consisting of foam rolling, range of motion and strength can transform your body and mind! 

Purchase your 60 minute Initial Assessment $80 here

Purchase your 60 minute Initial Assessment $80 here