5-Pack $475

10-Pack $799

20-Pack $1450


Initial Assessment $80

PRIVATE SESSIONS allow you to specifically target what it is you need, physically. Pilates facilitates increased range of motion, flexibility and agility by focusing on core strength and functional movement. We offer private sessions on the Infinity RERFORMER.The reformer helps you increase body awareness, core strength, full-body strength and fledibility. Private sessions are similar to body work in that they allow you the time you need to figure out what is best for your body re: foam rolling, stretching, strengthening and muscle tension. Private sessions get you to where you want to go FASTER.

Pilates is based on injury rehabilitation. It is a modality of training that is relaxing, yet challenging. INJURY REHAB: Faulty movement patterns and tight muscles often induce pain and inflammation. We address the source of the problem and rehabilitate the body from the inside out.

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