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How to find the right exercises for your trimester       

Pregnant workouts

Stay in shape while pregnant with your phone. Pregnant and FIT! iphone app is for women at any trimester. In 2011 there were no iPhone app for women to stay in shape while pregnant. We created this app because we kept finding that women were lost and confused when it came to exercising while pregnant (and understandably so!). All of a sudden, there is a new priority with your body!

A workout app for pregnant women


iPhone App


Pregnant and FIT! teaches how to safely exercise at any trimester. The user first chooses which mood or level she is at and then either personally customizes her workout or lets the app do it for her for a quick routine of 5 exercises. The app offers 75 exercises in all. The levels include: Mama’s Tired, Feelin’ Good or SuperMom.

Our app gives detailed descriptions on how to correctly perform each exercise so that each expecting woman feels comfortable knowing that she is safely staying in shape while pregnant!

$2.99 on iTunes

Most women feel at a loss when they get pregnant. They are unsure of which exercises are safe to perform and which aren’t. Our app takes the confusion away. Created by a certified, experienced and pregnant personal trainer, our app teaches its viewers how to safely perform each exercise. Video and audio help guide each viewer in the exercises and remind the user what she should be focusing on.

Postural alignment, body awareness, confidence in movement and core strength are just some of the things that each viewer will obtain from repetitive usage of this app!