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"Small, boutique studio. Great yoga (6 students) and an amaaaazing (useful, not scary) self defense class (3 students)! Easy parking. Welcoming and friendly instructors. Real neighborhoody."
"I've only taken yoga classes, here, nothing else, but I love it!  I try go to every Tuesday with Jen and every Wednesday with Anne, both of whom are excellent instructors.  They offer similar-but-different classes / styles so I learn a lot between the two.  I've also taken a class with Radha who I liked, but so far have only had that one class with her. The size of the classes is small, which is nice.  I've never seen more than 8 people in there (9, including the instructor) and it gets a bit tight at that size, but overall, there are fewer members than that.  The instructors are able to give you focus where / when you need it as a result. Bottom line: you should definitely check out BAR."
"I've been taking Pilates classes at BARoots for almost a year, and I'm really pleased with how far I've come in strength and balance. I was working through an ankle injury and a toe injury on opposite feet, and even though I considered myself strong from yoga, I have learned even more about isolating muscles and how they can be used together and separately. All of the instructors, particularly Mindy, are responsive to their clients' needs, and are on the lookout to targeting individual fitness needs. The classes are a nice combination of classic moves and new twists, so you can see your improvement, but also avoid boredom." -- J.F.
Holistic Nutrition
"I highly recommend Mindy for nutrition counseling.  She is extremely knowledgeable about food as an energy source, but the real help she gave -- that I so badly needed -- was in the psychological connection I have to food and helping me to better understand myself.  It was nutrition and emotional counseling rolled into one amazing experience!  As a busy working mom with young children, I came to her feeling depleted, devalued, and stressed.  Food was my crutch when I needed comfort or was tired.  After working with Mindy, I'm now recognizing triggers that cause me to eat poorly, treating myself better, and trying to look at food as fuel.  I'm still a work in progress, which we all are, but I'm now equipped with fantastic tools and a new, constructive lens through which to look at my life, and to look at food.  Thank you so much, Mindy!! xo"-- N.W.
Personal Training/Weight Loss
"I have been an athlete all my life and have been through various training regimens and programs. Nothing has been as effective as personal training with Mindy. She started me off slowly with core and balance and thoughtfully worked me up to the point where I am strength training and making huge strides. I am doing things I couldn't do in my 20s. This is the first time ever that I have embarked on a training program where I have remained injury free throughout and not constantly sore (in a bad way). Mindy is very knowledgeable. She gets to know what you need and tailors a program for you. In addition to getting fit, I've been able to change my body composition drastically. And, she's no bullshit. I highly recommend her personal training if you are serious about making meaningful and long term changes to your body and health." --D.G.
Classes/Personal Training
"I have been a client of BAR for almost 4 years and have nothing but positive things to say about this place! The private training services are super professional and really helped me get back in shape after my last pregnancy.The classes are terrific, I mostly have taken the Muy Thai/Boot Camp classes with Ash Berla and found they were a super efficient and fun way to stay in shape. BAR is a neighborhood gem and absolutely worth a visit!" --A.F.
"The space is nice and clean, the location is perfect -- especially for Oakland/Alameda residents, parking is always easy, the owners are awesome... if you're looking for a spot for conditioning classes -- yoga, Pilates, etc -- I highly recommend giving Brooklyn Academy Roots a try.  They always have good deals available online! I have been taking yoga classes here for about a year and a half; I have taken classes with several different instructors and every one of them has been excellent...Check this place out, you won't regret it!" --L.M.
Pre/PostNatal Classes
Love love this place! Pros: mommy and me yoga class on Mondays at 10a. Instructor Tory absolutely adores babies and loves holding them even when they're fussy. Clean, organized and stocked with cushy new mats. I live close so I can walk here whcuh works out perfectly. Cons: parking can be challenging. --C.L.


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Info About Our Studio

  1. We really are a studio. We have one room for all classes. Most people wait outside until the previous class ends to come into the studio (if there is a prior class). There is no receptionist. When you enter, the instructor for your class will greet you!
  2. Please pre-register for class to ensure a spot and for efficiency. You can also download our studio app on our GET STARTED page.
  3. ATTIRE: please wear biker shorts to a pilates class if your shorts are short. Please wear socks to pilates classes. We sell Toe Sox.
  4. If you have an injury please ensure that you arrive early to class to allow the instructor ample time to hear about your injury unless he/she already knows you.
  5. We do not want to sell plastic so we have a Brita in the back office that you can fill your water bottle up with.
  6. We provide yoga mats for you to borrow for free. Please wipe them down with a paper towel and spray after use.